AMPED’s unique ability to accurately and automatically track communications helps you to optimize the selling process from lead to closing.

    However, we recognize that AMPED isn’t the only tool our customers use. That’s why you can now connect AMPED with Zapier to help you build automated workflows between all of your apps – without having to write a single line of code.

    The automated workflows you set up with Zapier integrations are called Zaps. Zaps can either trigger a single action between two apps, or with Multi-Step Zaps, you can chain together as many actions as you want.

    Read on to learn how to improve your sales workflows in AMPED with three Zaps.

    If your sales process is inefficient, you could be losing significant dollars in revenue. Ask yourself how much time your sales team wastes performing tasks that other companies are automating. You should also consider whether your sales strategy is determined by intuition or proven data.

    Is it time for you to make an impactful change to your sales process? Read on to discover three ways you can help your reps improve sales efficiency.

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